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Fees updated, as of 01/07/2023

A guide to cost of assessment and treatment

It is important to have a clear idea about the cost of assessment and treatments that may be considered.

The 30 minute initial assessment is key to ensure, that you are offered the treatment options that suit you. 

Some treatments can be arranged as a package - this varies according to the hospital providing treatment.

Initial Consultation

A 30 minute appointment during which details of your symptoms, how long you have had problems and a clinical examination. Some clinics only offer a 20 minute appointment at a slightly lower cost. At South Wales Veins we use the time to ensure you are fully informed. 

All patients with vein problems will require an ultrasound assessment called a Duplex Scan to accurately determine the cause of the varicose veins.
The scan will guide the surgeon to offer you the correct treatment options

Image by David Travis

Ultrasound Doppler scan
£180.00 - £400.00

Ultrasound assessment of the veins - a painless scan, using jelly and a probe.
For the majority of patients this is sufficient to confirm diagnosis and suitability for procedures.

In a minority of patients, where more complex problems are suspected from the consultation a more detailed scan is necessary and referral to a Vascular Scientist will be required. This type of scan is more costly at circa  £275.00 - £400.00 however if required this fee replaces the fee for an initial scan

It requires a separate visit, and follow up appointment.

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Hospital costs differ between organisations
A formal quote will be provided by the admitting hospital prior to major treatments 

Endothermal Ablation
Treatment includes follow up
One leg £3195.00
Both legs £4245.00

A walk in walk out (WIWO) procedure, using local anaesthetic in the operating theatre

A rapid return to normal activity

A minority of patients request a general anaesthesia - this is available at an additional cost

A class II compression stocking is required for treatment. These can be obtained separately from, if a particular style is desired

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Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy
Treatment includes follow up
£1050.00 per leg


Efficient and effective for many patients. Walk In Walk Out treatment in clinic.
A rapid return to normal activity

Foam Sclero syringes white

Open Surgery

The cost varies according to the procedure required.

If open surgery is recommended for you, a personal quotation will be provided after a full assessment has been undertaken

A day case operation using modern techniques under general anaesthetic. Recovery is slower than endothermal and foam sclerotherapy, however most patients return to normal activity in 2 to 4 weeks.


Cosmetic Phlebectomy
Local anaesthetic procedures start from circa £2400.00

If offered cosmetic phlebectomy as a separate procedure, this can be carried out under local or general anaesthetic. Costs vary accordingly.

To ensure you are considred for the correct treatment, this will be based on clinical assessment and ultrasound examination.


£400.00 per 30 minute session

Treating Thread veins, Telangiectasia, Reticular Veins and Spider Veins affecting the legs. 

A walk in walk out treatment in the clinic. Each session has a duration of up to 30 minutes and costs £400.00*.
The number of sessions depends on the extent of the veins - more than one session is usually required

* Fees may vary according to where you receive treatment

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