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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my General Practitioner?

You can request an appointment yourself, without the need for a letter from your General Practitioner, this is known as 'Self referral'.

It is helpful to request a copy of your clinical details from your General Practice Manager, and bring it with you to your consultation.


Some patients find it easier to have a referral, to ensure that the surgeon has all necessary information available at the consultation.

If you are insured, please check with your insurer, as many insurers insist on a referral from your GP before they will authorise your appointment or agree to make any payments

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Louis Fligelstone is recognised by all major health insurance companies:

Aviva  -  Axa Health/PPP  -  BUPA / Benenden  -  BUPA International  -  Cigna -  Exeter Family Friendly  -  Healix Health Services Ltd  -  Vitality  -  WPA 

It is imporant to check that your insurer will cover treatment for your condition and at your chosen hospital.

A quick phone call to your insurer or visiting their website is often all it takes to obtain an authorisation reference

How long will I have to wait for an  appointment?

South Wales Veins works hard to make sure you do not have to wait weeks or months to be seen.
When there is a high demand, we try to schedule additional appointments to keep waits as short as possible.
Reacting to the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we are now able to offer video and telephone consultations, and arrange separate scans to speed your assessment along - Please see 'Do you offer remote consultations?'

I am worried about Covid - Do I have to visit the hospital?

The private hospitals pride themselves on protecting you and their own staff. They ensure that social distancing and use of santising gels is adhered to and that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used for your protection.
Both hospitals have an excellent record regarding Covid.
If you are still worried about attending the hospital, South Wales Veins is able to offer remote consultation - Please see 'Do you offer remote consultations?' for information

Why is the initial consultation slightly more costly than some clinics/doctors?

It is important to have time to provide information and answer questions that you may have.

This is especially if there is more than one treatment option. Time spent helping you choose the right treatment can prevent worries for you.

Do you offer remote or virtual consultations?

South Wales Veins is able to offer remote / virtual video and telephone consultations, using a secure, high quality platform. Patients can use:

  • Laptop

  • Smart phone

  • Tablet

  • Standard telephone

The consultation can help choose what investigation is necessary, and results discussed at a follow up consultation

Please indicate 'Remote consultation' when completing the consultation request - payment will be taken when you are contacted to confirm the day and time of the appointment.

How long is the microsclerotherapy session?

The session lasts 30 minutes, to allow time for consent and the treatment. One should take the time allowed for treatment into account when choosing your clinic/surgeon.

Do you offer financing options?

Once you have agreed on a particular procedure and the cost involved, it is then worth checking with the local hospital to ask if they are able to offer any structured payment plans to spread the cost of treatment.
The hospitals may also have a favourable package price for procedures, that will make it easier to budget for overall.
At present South Wales Veins does not offer this facility separately

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