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Quality Assurance Feedback

"I want to provide the best treatment and care for my patients. Your feedback is very important so that I can ensure that you get the professional treatment you deserve"

South Wales Veins appreciates the effort taken to provide feedback


Feedback questionnaires confirmed that all patients surveyed indicated that the doctor:

  • Listened to patients concerns​

  • Explained things clearly

  • Answered all questions

  • All patients had complete confidence in the doctor

  • All patients were extremely satisfied

November 2020

What Patients Are Saying

"Mr Fligelstone is a very professional surgeon and I will always recommend his treatment to anyone I speak to"

JD Nov 2020

Post operative visit


"All very good"

WN Nov 2020

"Excellent - Mr. Fligelstone explained things very clearly - I now understand the problem and what needs to be done about it"

AP Sept 2020

Reviews and Testimonials

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