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More information regarding vein treatments

It is important that you are aware of the procedures you may undergo to treat your varicose veins. It is good to take the time to read these before you undergo treatments, so that you understand what is involved and make the consent process optimal and seamless.

South Wales Veins uses the state of the art EIDO information sheets to ensure patients are fully informed.

Endothermal Ablation

This is the first line treatment recommended by NICE - as long as the anatomy of your veins is suitable


Foam Sclerotherapy

This is the second line treatment for venous incompetence, however it may the best treatment for you based on the configuration of your veins.


Open Surgery

This is the third line treatment for varicose veins recommended by NICE. There may be some benefits over the other options for some patients.


A detailed information sheet for Mr. Fligelstones patients can be downloaded by clicking on the "Microsclerotherapy Information" button below.

Mr Fligelstone is a member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists and recommends that you also access the high quality information regarding microsclerotherapy on the BAS website, by clicking the button "BAS Website Information" - this has some additional information and a helpful video to help you apply compression hosiery.

Please download the information sheet below for additional advice aimed at patients who have undergone foam sclerotherapy.

Post Sclerotherapy Advice
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