Thread veins, Telangiectasia, Reticular Veins and Spider Veins

Unsightly vein blemishes

Veins visible on the surface of the skin can be unsightly, rarely they may burn or itch. They are common and as such, may be associated with underlying abnormal vein function (see the page on Varicose Veins). 

If not associated with underlying vein problems treatment by injection is currently the gold standard.

thread vein microsclerotherapy small needle

Microsclerotherapy - injection of sclerosant via a very fine needle

The injection empties and seals the vein. Redness is followed by fading over several weeks. There is a small risk of blushing around the injection sites.
Several treatments may be necesary.
Occasionally small dark red marks may occur at the injection site, due to blood leaking into the tissues, if they do not fade, they can easily be treated by laser treatment.
The majority of patients do not experience difficulties and are happy with the improvement.

Typical Thread Vein / Telangiectasia

Unsightly, and occasionally they can burn and itch.

Walk In Walk Out (WIWO) treatment available.


Please note that treatment can be undertaken, only after 

a full initial assessment consisting of a clinical consultaion and Duplex scan.

Full assessment is essential because underlying vein problems can lead to treatment failure and early recurrence.

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Example of before and after treatment

Outcomes vary from patient to paitent